Three Bridges Christian Nursery School



The Philosophy of the Three Bridges Christian Nursery School is to foster independence, individuality, creativity, and self-esteem.  While we believe in and provide a structured learning environment, it is also important to include movement and play.  The foundation of a well-rounded student begins with the building blocks needed in the developent of academics, socialization, active learning experiences, and emotional security.  This is the goal set by each TBCNS teacher. The curriculum for each age level is created using state guidelines along with our Christian beliefs. We believe in and also use the STEM approach to teaching, this is including science, technology, engineering and mathematics.   We strive to teach while creating childhood memories. TBCNS is a family based school which includes not only the kids but their families, staff, school board and the members of the Three Bridges Reformed Church.  At the end of each child's time in our school we believe they will leave with the love of learning and the self confidence within themselves to continue to the next step in their education.