Three Bridges Christian Nursery School




The goal of our curriculum is to help young children develop positive attitudes towards themselves, others and to master certain skills.  The children will acquire knowledge through hands on experiences related to a variety of topics.  Our curriculum is provided within the Christian experience.

Our curriculum revolves around the child’s self-concept.  We aim to build a strong feeling of self-esteem and self-confidence in each child.  We provide, at all times, an opportunity for an environment that enhances development and is positive, nurturing and stimulating.

STEM Learning

TBCNS incorporates many types of teaching resources within each class.  Teachers design lessons that are designed to be age appropriate.  STEM is a philosophy born through investigation and student involvement.  Presenting learning opportunities through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is a method of cross-contextual learning.

Christian Education Curriculum

Our religious curriculum is one that is present every day and manifests itself through the love and nurturing we provide the children.

We do not promote a specific denominational doctrine, but we lift up and teach common Christian values, values such as love of God, love of neighbor, respect for creation and the uniqueness and special value of each person as a child of God.  These are taught by example, stories, songs and prayers.  Children will learn to love Jesus as a friend.  They will learn to respect God’s house.  They will learn to share, to thank God, to help and to love others.