Three Bridges Christian Nursery School


At TBCNS we offer three program options for your child.  

Option 1:  First Adventures Class

                This is our class which is a good fit for our youngest preschoolers along with our first time students.
                *No age requirement

                Teacher:  Caryn Pfeifer

Option 2:  Next Steps Class  

                This class is a 4 day class which goes Monday-Thursdays.  A great opportunity to continue their
                preschool learning.  Lessons are meant to build on the foundation set from our First Adventures
                Class while expanding their academic learning.  They work on their attention span and increased
                Fine Motor Skills.  

                Teacher:  Tracy Pereira

Option 3:  Kindergarten Prep Class: 5 Days 

                 This class is for our oldest students who will continue on to Kindergarten the following year or
                  those who did not meet the age cut off and could benefit with additional time for social,
                 emotional and cognitive development. 

                  Teacher:  Kelly Looney

We also offer the extended day options.  Our first option is to stay for Lunch daily.  It starts at 11:30
and goes to 12:30pm.  We offer Enrichment classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 4 times a year
in 6 week sessions.  The Enrichment classes start at 12:30 to 2pm.